Bandhu has long been known for his whimsical and elegant stemware. In addition to a variety of distinctive goblets, he has also created elaborate lidded goblets which have served as trophies, commemorative vessels and awards—including for the Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards. Bandhu’s goblets are in the collections of the Corning Museum of Glass as well as the Museum of Arts and Design (formerly the American Craft Museum).

Shown here are several designs which Bandhu repeats from time to time. The artist creates each piece individually, and while he can make pairs or larger matched sets, no two are identical. You may consult with Bandhu personalized choices of colors or theme elements. You may also specify stemware type, such as martini, red or white wine.  Although most collectors of Bandhu’s goblets keep them on display, they are all strong enough to use as well. The goblets are generally 6 to 8” tall.

Saguaro Goblet with Rattler

Psychic Automatic Goblet, Small. No two are alike.

Fish Goblet

Flow Goblet

Free Spirit Goblets

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Hurricane Martinis,

including one UV-reactive color

Jellybean Goblet