Ornaments and Suncatchers

We specialize in hanging designs, including colorful fruits and vegetables that make great window decorations at any time of year. They are also especially popular as Christmas tree ornaments. Our handcrafted designs are consistent in quality, although no two are ever exactly alike.  Each Ornament/Suncatcher comes with a descriptive hangtag.


About 4” tall


About 4” tall


About 5” tall


About 5” tall


About 4.5” tall. Comes with a special tag telling the story of the Christmas Pickle.

House Ornament, HO01,

About 12.5” tall

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“Classic” Ornament, a smaller version of the House Ornament, available in 2-Lobed or 3-Lobed style,

About 7” tall.

RN02, is about 4.75” tall, 3.5” wide and 1.17” deep.